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by Tattoosue on August 21, 2010

They say that tattoo shops are seeing a new trend with their customers desiring to wear one of their favorite pieces of art forever on their skin.

People are covering their skin with classic, vintage and book art.  More elaborate stencil designs, premixed inks of hundreds of color variations to choose, more sophisticated machines, have all been reasons for classic works of art to transform so nicely to tattoo art.  Another factor is the influx of tattoo artists who formerly studied art in college. Some fans of certain artist even prefer just to get THEIR portrait. The tattoo is there for you to enjoy forever.

If you can’t afford a piece of artwork you are in love with, or if you are attracted to a certain piece of sculpture, you can get your kicks from getting the art tattooed instead!   Parents are even getting their kids scrawls and stick art tattooed on their skin.  My personal opinion is that this will get old and eventually a cover up or laser removal may be called for…Hang those scribbles on the fridge where they belong!

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