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by Tattoosue on August 16, 2009

Urban Ink Tattoo MagazineUrban Ink is one of the newer tattoo magazines to hit the newsstands and they have found a unique niche in specializing in body art for  “people of color”.   They also have a forum on their site but seems to be brand new with no one joining as of this date but it all takes time to build up a following.  Margaret Cho, a serious tattoo collector and famous comedian, did some photo work in one of their issues. I found their latest issue in my local book store along with many flavors and varieties on the subject of tattoos. As the popularity has grown, so has the demand for magazines like this.

It also inspired me to add a new page related to magazines on my Best Tattoo Sites website.  A small handful have been around for years but I purchased a couple published in the UK that i was very impressed with and will make a point of keeping up with.  The quality of the pictures as well as the articles I read were well written and full of good information.

I have featured an artist, Miya Bailey, who does beautiful work on dark colored skin.  Colors display differently on different shades of skin and certain colors are very difficult to show with dark skin.  The ability to ink vibrant and distinctive body art on black skin is a talent in itself.

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Ebony September 4, 2012 at 4:12 pm

I’m interested in finding an artist to do a portrait of my son on my husband who is as I call it chocolate complexion. We recently lost out son he was 21 months old the only son him and I share. I now have a portrait but my artist who did a great job does not know how to tattoo dark skin. I have found portraits on dark skin people online but don’t know where to locate the artist. Portraits are not a skin everyone has so I’m looking for someone who has a portfolio of their work on dark skin.

Tattoosue September 4, 2012 at 6:13 pm

I am so sorry to hear about your son – I can’t imagine going through something so tragic. That artist on that page – Craig Foster is the only artist I know that’s done a lot on darker skin. He’s very talented. That really is a good magazine and may be the way to find the artist for you. Plus it would depend on location or if you could catch them at a convention. I would start picking up Urban Ink and review some of the artist’s that are featured or sometimes even letters from the readers will mention a talented portrait artist. Foster is in Georgia but does the conventions.

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