Top Dumbest Tattoo Questions

by on Aug.28, 2009, under Tattoos-Body Art

by Tattoosue on August 28, 2009

Girl with Tattooed ArmWay back in 2001 Skin and Ink printed an amusing list of the Dumbest Tattoo Questions that made me LOL.  I am giving credit to the magazine and the author – Katrina Wallace.  And here they are in a condensed version:

1. Does it Hurt? Answer: Yeah! It hurts.

2. Where is the most painful spot to get one? Answer: Armpit

3. Why do you charge so much? Answer: Because good drugs are expensive

4.  Which colors are the easiest to remove by laser?  Answer: There’s the door.

5.  What if I don’t like it when you’re done?  Answer: See that wire brush over there?

6. Do you tattoo penises? Answer: Yes, with a $450.00 handling fee plus the cost of the tattoo.

7. Are you any good?  Answer: No, I suck.

8. Do you mind if my 3 year old eats this chocolate bar while I look through your flash? Answer: Die, Bitch, Die!

9. What if I pass out? Answer: We dress you up funny, stick carrots up your ass and take pictures.

10. I need to have a couple of beers to do this, OK? Answer: Sure. Now, where did you want the dick on your pinup girl?

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