Tom Renshaw Amazing Realism

by on Jan.15, 2010, under Tattoos-Body Art

by Tattoosue on January 15, 2010

Bob Marley TattooIt almost seems like Tom Renshaw has made a pact with the devil. How else can a tattoo artist create such realism? I don’t think anyone can touch Renshaw when it comes to the photo realism category of tattoos. His ability holds true whether his subject is an animal or human. They say many of his clients are fellow tattoo artists. That’s probably because they can appreciate his talent even more than an average ink collector. In this piece he’s able to capture the likeness of Marley, the creases and texture of the denim in his jeans and even the background area can be appreciated for it’s quality.  His site and his myspace page have lots of pictures of his work. A few years back he completely stopped using color and now only works on photo realism pieces and only in black and gray. Hands down he is my favorite artist. I can appreciate the styles others have but to achieve photo realism do the degree that this man does with needle and ink seems magical to me.

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