Tattoos Paid for with Tax Dollars

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by Tattoosue on August 8, 2012

Skeleton Body TattooI think that what the politicians call entitlement programs – social security, welfare and Medicare – are important. We should help people when they need the essentials and have no other options.

I know there’s a difference opinion when it comes to controlling and dictating how people use government benefits.  My own opinion is that if the government is helping you out through bad times then they have the right to keep some control and restrictions in place.

A number of states are passing laws preventing people from receiving benefits and using them on frivolous stuff.  No longer can they use their benefits for things like – gambling, alcohol, casino gambling, and tattoos!

The argument on the other side is that there’s little abuse by people on welfare. But even if there is a small percentage of abuse, these restrictions could help save money and the people that aren’t abusing their benefits shouldn’t be negatively affected.   I just can’t understand why it was allowed before now.

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