Tattoos and Tentacles

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by Tattoosue on July 11, 2010

Some weeks it’s hard to find new and fresh topics to blog about – I think of it as Blogger’s block and then there are the weeks where you find a gem like this and you can’t wait to get that post written.  This is one of those types. The talented young team working at Julian Murray Photography and Design from Las Vegas has some offbeat projects.  (Tattoos & Tentacles from Julian Murray on Vimeo.) They work in primarily the music, advertising, and fashion industries. One of the projects they’ve been working on this past year and plan to continue expanding upon is called the Tattoos and Tentacles Series. Check out the video – gives you an idea of the photo shoots. It features heavily tattooed people posing with a sea creature with tentacles.  It looks like an octopus. A fairly small one but gives me the creeps to think about them those rubbery suction cups clinging to skin.  Many of the photos are of beautiful.  There are many with barely clad sexy women with the tentacle arms draped strategically to keep a person from seeing quite everything.  You just wonder how they can stand it.  And the models probably have to work with this creature for quite some time before getting the shot the photographer is looking for.  Ughhh….The photos are cool and books and posters will be coming this year.    The series will be part of future tattoo conventions and gallery showing.   You may have an opportunity to see them in person.

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