His Tattoos Were Suspicious – Oh My

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by Tattoosue on November 14, 2010

Atom Bomb TattooUnfortunately, the George Bush era gave birth to a bunch of paranoid Americans.  Doesn’t it seem the ultimate stupidity to continue making people take off their shoes while going thought airport security based on one incident years ago?  Who knows what the most recent toner cartridge scare may lead to.

Adam Pearson is a Los Angeles food stylist who got a dose of suspicion when a fellow passenger reported him as being suspicious due partly to his tattoos.  The explanation given was a tattoo across  his knuckles –  “Atom Bomb”.  He was asked to come to the front of the plane.  Adam thought he was getting an upgrade to first class and then was surprised at being interrogated by the a flight attendant and the plane’s captain. His tattoo was explained as a childhood nickname.

Pearson is waiting on an apology from Delta for even considering the fellow passenger’s complaint as being rational enough to justify questioning him.  When he had to walk his way back to his seat he said he felt the suspicions lingering in the stares of his fellow passengers.   Not exactly a comforting feeling.

Pearson stated  his feeling of sadness that society had gotten to the point that you can just point a finger at someone and claim they’re suspicious and it is accepted without question even if the reason is silly.

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Design Your Own Tattoo Idea November 25, 2010 at 9:15 am

Not everyone are brave enough to get tattoo on their finger, it is quite unique with “ATOM BOMB”.

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