Tattoos and Sailor Jerry Make History

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by Tattoosue on April 13, 2011

Sailor Jerry It’s good to see that tattoo artists are getting the recognition they deserve.

Almost everyone has heard of Sailor Jerry.  Maybe you don’t know his background but his name is well known.  You may even think the name is just a label for a company that sells rum or tattoo inspired clothing. His name is used to promote these products. But he is truly one of the icons of the tattoo industry.

After getting out of the navy, Norman Collins, a.k.a. Sailor Jerry, opened up a very successful tattoo shop located in Hawaii. He became well known for his popular style and tattooing skills.

His flash and tattoos have a Patriotic – American style. Even now this style has endured and is still strongly popular today, decades after the man has passed on.

Sailor Jerry FlashNow, the Center City’s Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts is going to preserve the works of Norman Collins (Sailor Jerry). His artwork will be restored and preserved and will be stored along with other famous artwork and historical documents.

The Center, located in Philadelphia, is going to reserve his flash art, drawings he had on tracing paper, and stencils he made on acetate.

This warms your heart to see that one of our legendary tattoo artists will be recognized for his exceptional skills.  The best part of the story is the ending. One of the many talented conservators got so inspired by spending thousands of hours working on the documents, she went out and got a Sailor Jerry tattoo on her forearm.  A sparrow and hearts with a banner that says “True Love”.  Classic.

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TMNE May 3, 2011 at 8:06 am

Some cool videos above. For those who haven’t seen it yet Scott Sylvia started a new tattoo forum and ezine with tons of tattoo designs/pictures and tattoo video interviews with some of the best tattooers. Plus others have written some really cool tattoo history pieces. It is called Last Sparrow Tattoo, for those interested.

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