Tattoos on Vacation

by on Aug.08, 2008, under Tattoos-Body Art

by Susan on August 8, 2008

Vacation and TattoosI’m getting ready for a vacation (to Mexico) and it made me think about the impulsiveness that comes over people and how we some times do pretty stupid things when caught up in the moment. I had met a couple and they had each gotten tattoos while on vacation in Mexico. The tattoos were nice quality and no known health issues had come up (but ya know there are always the ones that sneak up on you down the road). I understand the excitement that you can get caught up in . I had a piercing done on the boardwalk in Wildwood NJ in the back of a dirty store by the teenager that was working in the front. The piercing area looked OK and ,fortunately, no infections followed. To play it safe, I would do a little research and use some common sense – mostly this applies to foreign countries – there are so many talented artists around, there seems no need to jump into a quick decision and have regrets and health issues after the fact.

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