Tattoos and the Olympics

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by Tattoosue on February 25, 2010

Tattoos are truly becoming accepted in all walks of society.  My hubby and I are chilling, watching the Vancouver Olympic women’s bobsled competition.  The announcers like to fill you in on cute and interesting personal stories about whoever is competing at the time.   Canadian bobsled driver, Kaillie Humphries,  was only twelve years old when she posed a challenge to her family.  If she ever made it on an Olympic team, her family had to get matching tattoos.   Even at that young age Kaillie was jonesing for some skin art.  Her family, never thinking this would materialize,  agreed to get maple leaf tattoos if she reached her goal. When Kaillie qualified for the  World Cup bobsled five years later,  her family held up their end of the bargain. Her mother Cheryl, father Ray and sisters Shelby and Jordan went to the tattoo parlor and got their matching tattoos.  These days her mom Cheryl Sigmundson has an angel tattoo on her ankle, her father Ray has an armband and her sister Jordan has a butterfly on her lower back. The youngest of the Humphries clan, Shelby, was too young for a tattoo, but had her belly button pierced.

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