Tattooing His Cat

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by Tattoosue on February 16, 2012

You may have heard of this type of craziness before. Yes, cat owners have tattooed their cats, painted their cats, dyed their dogs, and some people have tattooed pigs.  I don’t agree with any of it. Hurting or traumatizing an animal for what amounts to “shits and giggles” is wrong. Tattooing your pet while you have them knocked out – wrong.

Russian tattoo artist Timur didn’t think so.  He anesthetized his cat, a hairless Sphynx, for an hour while he tattooed the cat’s chest. Then he posted pictures of the tattoo session and a video of himself doing the tattooing.  (I only watched until he was just about to make the first stab with the machine.)

Tattooed CatThe look on the cat’s face says it all.

Animal rights activists aren’t very happy with Timur and began accusing Timur of animal cruelty. According to the activists every time a cat is put under she loses about a year of her life (has anyone else heard of this?), and because the healing process for the tattoo is very painful.  There’s also the fact that putting an animal under is always a risky process.

Why take any chances if you love the cat?  And then you take a year of life away, too? Way to go.

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Charmaine February 29, 2012 at 5:54 am

What an IDIOT !! And yes, it is definitely animal cruelty !! I have a cat and I would never ever even think about doing anything to harm her !!! “shits and giggles” looks like that’s all your pet is to you then you don’t deserve to have one .. rather get a fish … that way you might feel less inclined to hurt something that pays no attention to you, has no love for you and wants nothing to do with you .. Oh wait, no THAT might make you want to tattoo your name on it … stating its your property !! SICK !!

lex92 May 4, 2012 at 7:12 pm

I don’t think I could ever tattoo an animal. As much as people may think it is a good idea they don’t have a voice in it. I understand that you are the owner and you may do what you wish to your pet but i’m not sure injecting them with dye is the best thing for them. This is kind of disgusting to me because they put the cat to sleep and like the arcticle states, “every time a cat is put under she loses about a year of her life”.

Lilly July 23, 2013 at 7:23 pm

Actually, the “loses a year of her life” line is completely false. I work with animals for a living, and any approved inhaled anesthetic has a rapid recovery time with so few side effects that some even say it has protective effects.

Granted, this guy was still a moron who tattooed a sphinx cat, but at least he knocked her out to do it.

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