Get a Tattoo at the Flea Market

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by Tattoosue on November 11, 2010

I credit the popularity of tattoos partly in due to the tattoo shops who realized the potential of reaching out to mainstream America by bringing the tattoo shops to them. By that I’m referring to the influx of tattoo shops in places like strip malls. Locations that make it easier for people from all walks of life to easily stroll into a shop and take a look around. At one time, tattoo shops were rare and usually located in the sleazier or funkier part of town. Areas of town that many never visit or would have any other reason to be near. The strip malls are more of a suburb sighting and makes tattoo shops more visible and easier to visit. Where I live, there are a few tattoo shops located in strip malls. Smart business. People that are stopping to pick up a few groceries can easily venture in to see what all the excitement is about tattoos.

Some shops combine with coffee shops and similar businesses to get people in the door who are curious about tattoos but have not quite taken the plunge. I recently discovered a new and creative way to reach the public. Went to the local flea market and there it was. A travel trailer tattoo shop. Buy some used dishes and pick up some new ink. Perfect for the people that are impulsive and bring the tattoo shop to the masses. I loved it.  (pic courtesy of

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