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by Tattoosue on December 17, 2009

Face TattooWhen you cross creative advertising and the popularity tattoos are experiencing lately, it’s no surprise that there are businesses finding ways to promote their businesses with body art. One of the most recent gimmicks to come to light is a restaurant located in Ohio that is offering a lifetime discount of 25 percent to any patron that has a tattoo of their famous grilled cheese sandwich. The restaurant is Melt Bar and Grilled and is located in a Cleveland suburb. They were smart in the promotion and partnered up with a local tattoo shop which – yup, you guessed it – giving a discount to people that want a grilled cheese sandwich tattoo.
This idea isn’t new – there is a company which teams up big time companies with people willing to get branded with their logo or ad – yes permanent tattoos. The payoff is usually big but not just anyone is accepted into the program. The company is called Tatads and they match up potential tattoo recipients with company’s looking for good matches for their products.

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Tattooed Lady Body Art December 19, 2009 at 4:44 am

I will give discount to anyone who wants my company logo on them 😉

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