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by Tattoosue on January 11, 2012

Jesus Religious Tattoo

Jesus Tattoo by Douglas Billian

It’s nice to see that people are able to think outside the box and come up with a practical and logical plan.  I’m referring to a Michigan pastor who is trying to reach out to young people who don’t feel completely comfortable visiting church or attending mass.

Rev. Steve Bentley started his church with the belief that mainstream religion has become ineffective. This is a theory that I read about years ago.  Churches are closing, and attendance is down.  Young people are not attending church to the same degree that their parents did.

So, Rev. Bentley opened up Serenity Tattoo – right inside the church.  The church is located in a shopping center and two artists work there by appointment.

Bentley said he understands some people are not crazy about the idea of Serenity Tattoo inside the church, but the pastor considers tattooing a “morally neutral” practice.

I am not a fan of religion but I still think this guy has a great idea.  One of the artists is a recovering alcoholic and finds that working in the church helps him stay on the right track.

The seniors in the church may not be happy about the tattoo infusion in their church, but I would bet it was a hit with anyone under 30 years old.  Why not find new ways to attract young people?

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