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by Tattoosue on September 28, 2011

It seems like professional sports has really embraced tattoo work. You can’t watch any type of professional game being played without seeing some ink on at least one player.  I would say professional athletes are one of the reasons people have learned to accept tattoos as a valid art form.

Now we have an athlete helping to show what NOT to do when getting a tattoo which I think may keep some people from making a similar mistake.  One can hope.

Boston Bruin player, Brad Marchand, may have been thrilled to be on the winning team of the Stanley Cup, but he’ll probably be best remembered for the tattoo he got following the game.  The story goes that after being high on their win, many of the players went on to celebrate and party, including 23-year-old Marchand. After the team’s win, a bunch of the players got tattoos right in the dressing room at the Garden.

Mistake one – don’t get a tattoo under “party” conditions.  Tattoo parties are not a good idea. Not getting a tattoo in a professional shop setting – also not a great idea.

Mistake two – the artist didn’t use spell check or any type of verification. The tattoo was misspelled.

Mistake three – don’t get tattooed when you’re under the influence.

Mistake four – plan out your tattoo. It’s not something that you want to decide on impulsively. Sometimes it works out but in most cases, people have regrets later on.

Do you see the problem? – If you look closely, it almost looks like there’s two misspelled words, but Marchand says that is an “n” in Stanley and the artist was able to fix the “ians” in Champians to the correct spelling of “ions”. Marchand says he doesn’t even know how it happened.  Easy to believe since their celebration range up a bar tab of $156,000.

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