I Smell Corruption

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by Tattoosue on August 29, 2010

Although living in New Mexico has it’s upside, corruption and failure in the judicial system are hard to ignore.
A recent example involved a local tattoo parlor and it’s proprietors. The two men charged in the attack on the owners of this tattoo parlor are politically connected and one of the brothers was even employed as a policeman at the time.

To make matters worse, the two brothers charged also have a brother currently running for sheriff. Just by chance, there was another police officer present getting a tattoo! The charges included battery, assault and criminal damage for the mess they made of the shop.
This week the judge through the case out due to “lost” evidence. Missing evidence included handwritten written statements, a photo lineup and a statement by the officer that happened to be getting a tattoo. Now all sorts of discrepancies are popping up. The State Police spokesman said they never received the evidence in the first place although several witnesses said they gave written statements. The whole case reeks of corruption. In addition, the judge dismissed the case with prejudice which means charges cannot be refilled. This doesn’t make any sense to me. It seems like with all the witnesses present at the time and the involvement by both local and state police, this case should be a no brainer. And why not gather up the witnesses to testify at trial?

Meanwhile, the owners of the shop were attacked, their shop was trashed, and they’ve incurred legal fees in the mean time. And the bad guys will walk scot free. Life ain’t fair.

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