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by Tattoosue on September 26, 2010

We have another case of over reaction on behalf of a school system.  It reminds me of the silly objections raised when a teacher had a visible tattoo.  Heaven forbid.

Well, this is a case where a Florida high school student was removed from her school for having a tame image on her arm.  The school administration claims it is gang related and symbolizes gang activity.  The nineteen year old senior was suspended for 10 days and then has to finish her schooling at an alternative learning center.

The tattoo depicts two masks – one is grinning and the other is sad and crying.  The student says she got it to represent her twin sisters.  Her mom says she had the tattoo all of her last year in school and her daughter is not in a gang. This tattoo does not scream gang to me.

Unfortunately, the school has all the power in this difference of opinion.  It is up to the school to determine what is labeled a gang related tattoo and how the student should be punished.

Sadly, this poor kid would have graduated earlier except she has been battling skin cancer with multiple surgeries which set her schooling behind.  Now these idiots are making her life more stressed by removing her from her classmates and her school.  She’s missing out on football games, dances – the whole deal. She’s appealing and we wish her luck.  Hopefully her story and her classmates will come out to support her.

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Jordan October 4, 2010 at 4:02 pm

I find this story a little disheartening. We are all told to be original and to stand out. When someone goes ahead does it, they are punished for it. This tattoo does not look offensive to me and I can’t believe that school officials would suspend a 19-year-old man for showing his creativity when law permits that he can make this decision. She also had skin cancer and this could depict something that helped her get through her tough times. Instead of getting on her back about a silly tattoo, maybe they should be a bit more understanding and hopefully the appeal process goes well.

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