Russia Has Strange Sexual Suggestion for Its Military

by on Feb.04, 2013, under News, Tattoos-Body Art

by Tattoosue on February 4, 2013

butt-tattooThis story sounds like a joke but it was printed in a Russian paper as well as carried by the BBC.

According to the BBC report, Russia’s Defense Ministry is “encouraging” soldiers to be on the lookout for tattoos on their fellow soldier’s private parts and buttocks.   They claim the tattoos would be a design or symbol representing their sexual orientation.

This guideline is quoted as saying that tattoos may indicate a “low cultural and educational level” and “possible sexual deviations”.

The LGBT community in Russia claims tattoos identifying sexual orientation on the genitals was rare for homosexuals – just like any group of individuals.

Military guideline? – Makes you wonder how they came up with this bizarre recommendation. Talk about sexual deviates.

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