Removing Tattoos – for 12 Hours

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by Tattoosue on August 18, 2010

There’s a new product on the market that will be sure to do well considering the statistics on people contemplating  tattoo removal.  A whopping 17 percent of people with tattoos were considering removing them. In many cases, people are in a hurry or don’t have the money to lay down for tattoo removal.  Cost of laser and other options run well into the hundreds and thousands of dollars. Dermablend Professional has developed a product line termed Leg and Body Tattoo Primer.   It’s easy, it’s immediate, and it’s cost effective.  And if you are part of the remaining 83 percent of us that are happy with our tattoos, then this allows you to keep them but yet “erase” them when needed.The primer is applied under another coat of cover-up sold by Dermablend. The two combine to give a natural blend of color. It claims to be water and smudge resistant and should last up to 12 hours.  Comes in various skin tones to help match.  Sounds like something that has the perfect market out there.  Once I was told I would have to wear those gym type sweat bands over my tattooed wrists – to an office job.  Fortunately, I didn’t get the position. And did that have anything to do with my tattoos in the first place?  This product is an option for exactly that scenario.

This is a new product launch so there isn’t much of an opinion as of yet.  Please if you have any experience with it – let us know- leave a comment. Share.

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