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by Tattoosue on July 17, 2012

Mexican Gang TattoosA man living in Colorado with his wife and 3 kids traveled to his native Mexico for an interview as part of the process of applying for U.S. permanent residency. But now Hector Villalobos has been prevented from returning home because…. he has a collection of Mexican gang tattoos.

Ironically, this isn’t even a case of an ex-gang member who has turned his life around but never got around to removing his gang ink. No – this guy just liked certain artwork and some of it has been affiliated with certain gangs.  His wife says he just got them because he thought they were cool.

This isn’t an isolated problem. They say there’s a growing number of Latin American immigrants being prevented from crossing the border. They’re being denied their green cards because the US thinks they pose a security risk.  The decision is strictly based on their tattoos even though they claim the art is strictly ornamental for them. These people have no criminal association or past record.

Lawyers and criminologists say some designs that used to be considered gang signs have been adopted by the mainstream and don’t hold the same meaning anymore.  Until our immigration officers start accepting this truth, people lives are being disrupted and their rights are being trampled.

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Masculine Tattoos August 2, 2012 at 5:39 pm

This is a real shame, they’re putting a label on him for doing nothing wrong. Hopefully him and his family get their life back in order soon!

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