Pioneer for the Tattoo Cause

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by Tattoosue on May 24, 2010

There always have to be the pioneers, the ones that are willing to fight for what they believe and Johnny Anderson falls into that category. Rather than just accepting Hermosa Beach’s zoning laws which ban tattoo parlors, Anderson is taking his fight to federal court claiming suppression of his right to artistic expression through his body art. Custom-designed tattoos account for about 95% of his business
Johnny currently owns a well established parlor call Yer Cheat’n Heart located in Gardena but is not happy with the neighborhood and wanted to move the business. After losing his court battle in 2008, he decided to appeal the ruling, and some law scholars are anticipating a different verdict this time. Anderson puts the blame on his failure in court the first time on the misconception that people visiting tattoo parlors are unsavory characters. Although Hermosa Beach doesn’t specifically ban tattooing, their zoning laws don’t recognize it as a permissible use. This man is not only fighting for a more desirable location but he’s helping other shop owners argue their point and possibly opening doors for them down the road. He’s putting years into the fight and is putting up his money where his mouth is.  The guy deserves a lot of credit for his fight.

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