Tattoo Gives Man Permanent Erection

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by Tattoosue on January 12, 2012

An unlucky twenty-one year old man from Iran had some words, along with his girlfriend’s initial (wonder how laser removal will feel once that relationship shits the bed – ouch!), inked on his private parts.

For eight days nothing unusual happened. Then he began to notice that his “morning erection” was lasting much longer than usual. Things steadily progressed until eventually he has acquired a constant half-rigid penis.

Doctors from made a diagnosis of non-ischemic priapism. It’s a medical condition where blood flowing out of the penis is not sufficient enough to shrink the erection.

Doctors tried to correct the condition with a simple surgical procedure that placed a shunt inside of his penis to drain the excess blood. Unfortunately the procedure didn’t work.

Doctors are not offering any answers except try more surgeries but they were pessimistic about any type of permanent solution!

The guy decided to leave well enough alone and says he has no regrets. No regrets??   Really???

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Black Latex Gloves January 30, 2012 at 10:20 pm

You tattoo looks great and after the earlier challenge I was impressed to see what Heather could actually do.

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