Tattoos of the Olympians

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by Tattoosue on August 3, 2012

Olympic TattoosI ran across a story on the Daily Beast that highlighted the Olympic competitors that are displaying their tattoos.  The story was followed by a long list of mostly negative comments which shocked me in this day and age.  I understand if tattoos aren’t for you and you don’t think they are attractive but these comments were more nasty – like “Scars are more attractive than these ugly body disfigurements”, and “The young will regret deeply this fad of tattooing their bodies.  They are tomorrows freaks, and an absolute nightmare for women.”  One man bragged about his daughter being tattoo free – because he threatened to disown her if she got tattoos.  Can you say “dysfunctional”?

If I had read these comments fifteen years ago it wouldn’t have surprise me but these days?????  Maybe it’s because I try to socialize with liberal, open-minded individuals that I found the comments so crass.  Do people really have to get so nasty and critical?

My favorite was the beautiful butterflies on the back of Russian synchronized swimmer Anastasia Davydova. Really beautiful.

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