Neo-Nazi Tatttos

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by Tattoosue on December 11, 2009

Gang MemberYou hear about government and bureaucratic waste and fraud all the time.  This is a drop in the bucket in comparison to other stupid waste but when you add it all up….The story goes that down in New Port Richey Florida a neo-Nazi man accused of murdering two people is now standing trial for the crime.   Based on a request from this guy’s lawyer the judge has ruled that the visible offensive tattoos the guy has on his face, neck and other very visible areas may influence the jury’s decision.  So, the people of Florida are footing the bill to have a cosmetologist come in for $150.00 a day to apply makeup to cover up the offensive tattoos.  Now, just one of the kickers – he acquired these more visible offensive tattoos since his arrest for the crime.   The tats include a 6 inch swastika under his right ear, barbed wire on his face and some type of vulgarity placed on one side of his neck.  It’s just another example of us paying for a scumbag who made his choice in getting these tattoos.  I say it’s part of him and part of what the man stands for.  If his attorney REALLY feels that these tattoos could sway the evidence against his client then have him wear a fucking mask, turtle neck and gloves.  A murder trial is probably going to go on for weeks and he’s going to have this service for every day of it.

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