A Murderer’s Tattoos Help the Cops

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by Tattoosue on April 24, 2011

Murder Scene TattooWho would have thought that tattoos would be able to wrap up a cold case and help land a bad guy in jail?

Tattoos are becoming law enforcement’s friend.  The police use tattoos to determine gang affiliation and to identify possible suspects for various crimes.  Along with your mug shot you are likely to have your tattoos photographed and documented as well.  Smart on the part of the police to use whatever means they have to help keep violence down.

So, even though gang members are well aware that their tattoos can be used against them, they still continue to make the same stupid mistakes when it comes to their body art – fortunately.

A California gang member by the name of Anthony Garcia was just found guilty in the murder of John Juarez which took place outside of a liquor store about 7 years ago.  This means that Garcia was just barely 18 at the time.

The cops had run out of clues years ago but the cold case was reopened once an alert investigator saw a picture of Garcia’s tattoo years after the crime happened and put two and two together.  He recognized the crime scene that he had worked years ago.  The tattoo on Garcia is a chest piece that shows details affiliated with the scene – including a street sign and XMAS lights that were on the roof of the liquor store. Garcia eventually confessed and this week was found guilty of the murder.

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