Military Wife Endures Harsh Critics of Her Tattoos

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by Tattoosue on December 29, 2011

Why do people have to be so damn judgmental and mean spirited?   Especially at Christmas and especially to a woman who’s husband is making such a great sacrifice for his country?

Its one thing to not like tattoos for yourself and you may even find them unattractive on others. Fine. You have a right to your opinion. But why do people have to verbally attack someone who is a fan of tattoos?!!!

The woman under fire for her body art is Samantha Stevenson, the lead singer for the Military Wives, a UK choir group.  Her beautiful voice led the choir to the number one spot on the charts in the UK for Christmas. They’ve starred in a BBC documentary, and sold hundreds of thousands of copies of their single, “Wherever You Are”.

Unfortunately, mean spirited people are being cruel and critical of her tattoos on the social network.  Stevenson has been abused on Facebook and Twitter because of her extensive body art. They say she’s a “disgusting woman that shouldn’t be allowed on television”. They’ve called her vile and disgusting but the mother of two said she won’t let these people upset her although she found the comments hurtful.

Matter of fact, she plans on getting a new tattoo to celebrate the success of the group’s single going to number one.  So, there!

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Simerly January 2, 2012 at 5:59 pm

Don’t let those stupid people hurt your feelings! You are beautiful and they are jealous!
Tattoos are beautiful and some people just don’t understand them and hey we don’t need them to anyway! God loves me and my tattoos!!! 🙂

lex92 May 4, 2012 at 7:55 pm

I love how passionate you are about this blog and how your opinion is so strong! I completely agree. people who don’t like it should shut their mouthes because her husband is doing a great thing!

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