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by Tattoosue on April 7, 2010

Mario Barth is the man who has made it his mission to combine commercialism and the tattoo industry.  He was one of the first to believe that a tattoo parlor doesn’t have to look like a sleazy, dirty establishment that mainstream individuals would be loathe to visit.  He has been a definite drive to turn the art of tattoos into a reputable business. A tattoo artist for over 30 years, Mario is also a business oriented realist who believes that it’s time for changes in how things have been approached in days gone by. King Ink is a Las Vegas bar – and tattoo parlor and lounge.   While you are doing research for your next piece you can hang out and have a cocktail.  King Pin can hold about 300 people and is strategically located across from the Jet Nightclub.  Barth believes the two establishments will benefit each other.

The shop also boasts high tech tattoo tools available for people’s research.  The establishment has touch screens for interactive searching.  Special software was developed called Tattoo Explorer which gives the user a worldwide database of designs to search.  Not only does it display different styles, any relative meanings, others who may have the tattoo,  as well as any history behind a subject or symbol

Mario has implemented other unique ideas – televisions displaying live footage of tattoos currently being done in the three tattoo rooms on site, a complete history of tattooing timeline with the bar and tables transforming into shadowboxes that display tattoo tools and machines from around the world.

Although drinking and getting inked is always discouraged, Mario wants this establishment to be as comfortable for that inevitable troop of friends that people usually bring with them when they get a tattoo.

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i love mario barth

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