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by on May.19, 2010, under Tattoos-Body Art

by Tattoosue on May 19, 2010

I ran across a story that combines tattooing and a belief in magic. Kol Sambo is a tattoo artist located in Cambodia practicing the 2000 year old tradition of “magic tattoos”.  These special tattoos are believed to hold magic powers empowering the wearer with magical abilities such as becoming invisible and dodging bullets – but only if they believe in the magic.  (There’s always a catch) When clients approach this special artist they must explain their reasons for wanting such a tattoo.  He’ll then decide if it is a worthy cause or if he thinks the individual will abuse the power.  Kol tattoos using two methods – using a modern tattoo machine or the if requested, he’ll tattoo  using  the traditional way – with two or three sewing needles tied together.  Once the tattoo is finished the final step is a blessing to activate the supernatural super powers it possesses.   Then all you need is lots of faith and a shitload of luck.

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chameleo January 12, 2011 at 7:38 pm

any more information on the artist?
i’m interested in further research.

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