Lesson Learned?

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by Tattoosue on July 28, 2011

Anyone that is involved with the tattoo world knows the number one faux paux is to get your lover’s name inked on you.  Besides the statistics proving that a large percentage of relationships eventually bite the dust, there is the belief that just getting their name inked puts a jinx on the relationship.  At that point there’s no doubt it will end sometime soon.  Just don’t do it.

You’d think a seasoned tattoo artist like Kat Von D would know better.  Even though she’s been through countless, Kat Von Dpublic relationships and has already lived through one failed marriage, she still went ahead and got Jesse James’s portrait inked on her side.

Jesse showed his true self as a dishonest cheater in multiple relationships, Kat decided she was going to befriend him. Then, before you know it, they’re engaged. It all happened real quickly.  (Did anyone really think it was going to work out?)

The couple have now split up and she’s got, not just a name to get rid of, but a good size portrait to constantly remind her of him.  I’m going to guess that laser treatment may be in her very near future.

The only names or faces you should ever get tattooed are your kids or other blood relatives.  And there’s no guarantee there will come a day when you have regrets about them either.  Just say no.

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