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by Tattoosue on September 21, 2010

I know that people are on both sides of the fence when it comes to laws and government interference in our lives but when you hear this story, you’ll be thanking your local authorities if they are diligent about enforcing laws regulating your local tattoo parlors.

In a small seaside town located in Lancashire, England, a problem has arisen concerning the town tattoo parlors.  They have the right laws in place.  You have to be 18 or over to get a tattoo.  But local parents have been complaining to the local authorities about the fact that underage kids are able to go into these resort shops and get body art done.  Some of these kids are as young as 14 years old!

Due to all the parent’s complaints, a change in policy is planned.  The scariest part of this whole story isn’t the fact that they are tattooing these young kids, but there have been over ten complaints filed in the past year about the hygiene practices of these tattoo parlors.  Although these complaints have been coming in for the past year, the authorities are just now deciding to come down hard and enforce the law.  There’s also talk of changing the policies to be more stringent in regulating new shops applying for business licenses.

Although it sounds like the local law makers are on the right track,  some of them are still missing the point.  The news article reporting this story had a quote from one of them stating the reason for coming down hard and enforcing regulations – “Youngsters come to Blackpool to enjoy themselves and it is all too easy for them to get carried away and ask for a tattoo, but the parlors should not be giving tattoos to anyone under 18. Once they have one done, they are stuck with it for life.”

How about emphasizing the fact that their lives can be cut short if some bozo shop tattoos them with contaminated needles?

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