John Lynch aka Prince Albert

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by Tattoosue on July 2, 2010

John Lynch, also known as Prince “John” Albert”,  is quite a unique character whose story is just as interesting as his visible appearance. He is known for having the most piercings of anyone in the UK where he resides. You may recognize him from tattoo and piercing sites, tattoo conventions, and magazines.  I’ve seen his picture in the media but never thought much about the man behind the metal. Until I read an interesting interview with him.

He worked in the banking industry for over 30 years and didn’t start getting tattoos and piercings until after he left this long running career.  He was married for over 20 years and has a daughter and two grandchildren.  He eventually admitted he was gay and left his marriage. He went from a banking career to managing a gay porn book shop.  You might say this was the turning point of John’s life as well as a major career change.

Now John is almost 80 years old and still loves his freakiness.   He enjoys the people he meets who are curious about his appearance and he has no problem with people taking his picture. And as if his many piercings, facial tattoos and face paint weren’t enough to catch your eye, John is known for wearing mini-skirts.  He also sports transdermal implant horns on his head.

John’s advice to young people is to never get tattoo or piercings that would interfere with their employment prospects.  He followed his own advice and seems to have made up for lost time.

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