Jesse James – Scumbag of the Year

by on Mar.24, 2010, under News, Tattoos-Body Art

by Tattoosue on March 24, 2010

You may be sick of hearing about this recent Hollywood gossip, but Sandra Bullock is probably one of my absolute favorite actress – haven’t seen this most recent flick she’s in but anything she’s done in the past have been fine by me. Her soon to be ex husband, Jesse James,  is taking the throne as the Tiger Woods of the tattoo biker world. One of Jesses’ most recent mistresses has come out with all the dirty secrets about their affair. That whole sundry business just stinks and my respect for the man has completely disintegrated. This news has shed him in a bad light to say the least but as the Tiger Woods story unfolded and become so much worse, Jesse’s is following the same path. Other mistresses are coming out of the closet and the number is growing. To feed the disgust we can all feel about Jesse, it is now rumored that he is a secret bigot and chronic cheater. Supposedly, some of the stories coming to light are untrue – maybe conjured up due to his girlfriend’s reputation. Michelle Bombshell McGee is being justifiably blasted for her white power, swastika tattoos and Nazi photo shoot. Michelle is a tattoo model (pictured here). It makes since that if he’s banging this woman, he has things in common with her. Sounds very believable and logical. I had heard a good interview he has on the Howard Stern show where he painted his marriage as a perfect reunion. A bunch of lies and bullshit. Yup, Jesse, you’ve lost respect from the public and I would imagine your kids don’t think very highly of you right now. You deserve any shit coming your way.

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