Just Take Me to Jail

by on Nov.30, 2009, under News, Tattoos-Body Art

by Tattoosue on November 30, 2009

Hand TattoosThe irony.  At one time, tattoos were associated with gang members and cons.  Now tattoos are mainstream and considered an art form.  Now the same tattoos that reated an intimidating low life prove his role in society is now being used to toss him off the streets. Every other week there is a story about criminals being caught and identified by visible tattoos. This past week, a man in Fort Walton Beach Florida was identified and arrested based on a tattoo across the guys knuckles.  The vistim was punch and beat by the guy so the means to catch him were literally right in the guys face.  The tattoo spelled out CAVEMAN – pretty lame to boot.  Maybe a gang nickname?  Guess he was as smart as a caveman.  These guys should watch some more TV – this happens on CSI all the time.

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