Ink Not Mink

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by Tattoosue on June 26, 2010

I recently became a member of PETA. I felt I had to do more than yap about animal abuse and how much it upset me. They make some amazing strides in keeping businesses and people accountable for how animals are treated. But the task seems gigantic so any help individuals can offer helps the cause. Recently, PETA has had impressive campaigns to promote the ethical treatment of animals including “Ink No Mink”. Celebrities are stripping out of their clothes and being tastefully photographed with a couple of accessories and in all their tattoo glory. A great idea for a campaign. A win win. Everyone loves tattoos and celebrities. Naked celebrities with tattoos. Whoever thought up the campaign should get a promotion! Visit their ad page to see more. And if you have a heart, make a donation or, better yet, join PETA and support their work. If you can’t afford to do that, write a letter. Voice your objection to some of the cruelty we subject animals to.

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