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by Tattoosue on June 3, 2010

There’s so much abuse and stupidity displayed by parents that are too ignorant or too selfish to do right by their kids, I could start a blog totally dedicated to stories about them. Enrique Gonzalez is a Fresno gang member and father who is currently on trial for putting a gang tattoo on his 7 year old son’s hip.
Gonzalez is facing felony charges which accuse him and another gang member of holding down his son and adding the tattoo. The charges are aggravated mayhem and willful cruelty.

The gang tattoo is a dog paw which is a symbol for the street gang, the Bulldogs, which the father belongs to.Gonzalez admits it was poor judgment and regrets his action but still denied on the stand that he ever held the kid down. A dog paw is the first step to becoming a Bulldog gang member. During testimony, Gonzalez said his son was good about the pain – in the beginning of the session. Quickly the pain became too much but Gonzalez just warned him of messing up the tattoo if he moved.
He stated that after coming to his senses – sure he did – he started worrying his ex wife would report him and he intended to cover the dog paw tattoo design with flesh colored ink. What an idea, let’s torture the kid more and actually think a mom wouldn’t be able to detect the cover up and the kid would never tell his mom. The guy is a fucking genius. The good news – he never got around to doing the cover up and fortunately his ex called the police and had his ass arrested.

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AlwaysSomething June 16, 2010 at 3:07 pm

I can’t believe this! Some people seriously don’t think…. who thinks this is ok?!

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