Tattoos and Drinking

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by Tattoosue on April 18, 2012

France has come out with a study that says that people with tattoos tend to drink more than people without them. Previous studies have claimed that people with body art tend to have unprotected sex and engage in other risky behaviors, oh my! I didn’t put much emphasis on previous studies and this latest one – is even easier to scoff at.

France conducted its study by stopping a total of 3,000 people exiting bars on a weekend. The participants would take a breathalyzer test and the conclusion was that people that had tattoos were more intoxicated than the people without. Is this really considered a “study”?

Beer TattooHow about all of the tattooed people that never go to bars? It seems like the results from this study leads to stereotyping. The researchers even went so far as to suggest that parents, doctors, and teachers should consider piercings and tattoos as potential sign of drinking and risky behavior. Bullshit.

My social circle consists mostly of individuals who are middle aged who are done with their drinking days. But most of these friends and acquaintances have tattoos. Most of them multiple since they’ve had years to collect them.

Additional craziness – other “studies” have claimed that people with only one tattoo drink on the same scale as people without tattoos, but people with 7 or more tattoos are more likely to have the riskier behaviors.

Tattoos are too mainstream these days to think any of these studies actually prove anything.

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lex92 May 4, 2012 at 7:00 pm

This is a very interesting insight into the steriotyping of tattoos. The picture of the tattoo is great and perfect for your blog subject.

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