Dad Goes to Prison for Tattooing Son

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by Tattoosue on August 23, 2010

I wrote about this poor excuse for a father back in April. It was a case where the father and his tattoo artist friend tattooed the guy’s seven year old son.  Just because the kid whined about wanting a tattoo.  On top of that – they give him a gang tattoo – the same gang they belong to. This was wrong on many levels.

Fortunately, the ex-wife eventually spied it on the kid’s hip and called the cops.  The trial ended recently and the father and the artist were given a prison sentence.  A dermatologist is removing that tattoo.

Although the sentence was heavy, the point being made is that the law is serious about battling street gangs and handing out heavier punishment for any crimes related to gangs.  This Latino gang was responsible for killing an officer of the law four years ago and is a lot of bad blood between law enforcement and this particular gang.

In addition, being brought up in the gang environment is ruining the lives of kids. The men that are supposed to be leading by example are leading them right into a life of danger, possible death and or jail time. You would think that being a parent would want you to help your offspring escape that lifestyle.

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