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by Tattoosue on January 2, 2010

Religious Cross TattooJust when you think you’ve heard it all – a story like this pops up.  This one warms your soul and is a good sign of the advanced acceptance of tattoos. Removing the stereotype of person that people used to associate with body art – bikers, gang members, loose women and ex convicts.

Well, a free thinking church decided to combine the art of tattooing with their Sunday sermon. In a plan to stay relevant to the times, Gold Creek Community Church started a series that ended Sunday’s sermon with a series they call Permanent Ink.  Yes, someone gets tattooed right up there in front of the congregation.

The pastors of the church claim they are not taking a side or forming an opinion one way or another in regards to tattoos.

There are no special requirements as far as the tattoo subject.  One woman got a police shield on her lower back to represent the work her husband does.

The pastor told his congregation about the good and evil of tattoos mentioned in the bible.  The devil symbol of 666 on one end of the spectrum.  But there is also a part of the Bible that mentions markings on Jesus that say he is the king of kings.

The artist seems to have no problem adjusting to doing work during Church. Aside from the time limit invoked he said it wasn’t much different than his normal day on the job.  Thumbs up to the church – good job.

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