Barbie with Serious Tattoos

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by Tattoosue on October 17, 2011

We’ve seen Barbie go through quite a few transitions and lifestyle changes over the years. I barely recognize the doll I played with decades ago. Mattel made a smart move when they decided it was time that Barbie visited the local tattoo parlor.

This Barbie is different from the body art version that came out with removable tattoo stickers a few years ago. That Barbie Doll with TattoosBarbie was called Totally Stylin’ Tattoos Barbie. This new, more punk version of Barbie, has permanent tattoos and is called “tokidoki Barbie”. It was designed by Simone Legno and has a sleeve on her left arm and body art on her chest.  Mattel describes this new Barbie as a “funky fashionista,” She comes with pink hair and a skull on her cute sweater to go along with her tattoos.  She also wears a little hot  pink mini-skirt with leopard leggings.

I don’t see anything about this doll that could negatively influence kids but I guess some people have to look for potential “evil” in everything.

The doll will not be sold and marketed in toy stores for little kids. It’ll be marketed for the Barbie Collector website that Mattel has. The reason is – they fear that conservative parents will have a shit fit if their kids found this doll cute and fun to play with.  Heaven forbid! Little Mary might run out and get a skull tattoo on her chest when she’s eighteen because she played with Funky Barbie when she was six. Oh, my!

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how much is it?????????????????????????????

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