Ass Backwards

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by Tattoosue on October 11, 2010

It’s bad enough when a tattoo client gives the tattoo artist incorrect information resulting in an inaccurate and so embarrassing tattoo. I’ve seen it happen over and over. One dude got his kids birthdays mixed up. The artist was like “ are you sure these are the dates?” and then the light bulb came on. Maybe nerves cause the temporary brain lapse.
So, anyway, this female has a thing for the White Sox and decides she is enough of a fan to get a tattoo for her team. And not just a small symbol – no -a big on the large size tattoo.

I only have to believe she doesn’t like needles and so never glanced at the work being done. And then what happened to the step where the client is supposed to approve the location of the stencil and ultimately the tattoo. I gotta give the woman credit – she’s not laying some huge law suit looking to make some big money. She wants 50,000 for laser. The price of laser tattoo removal is very costly. It will be carried out over the course of months and will be very painful.

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Babs October 25, 2010 at 7:13 pm

Seriously, why wouldn’t she look at the stencil before the artist started tattooing it?

50,000 is the cost of the actual laser, been seeing them for even cheaper and more compact more recently.

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