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by Tattoosue on February 18, 2011

Pigs with TattoosI wrote about this farm almost 3 years ago and the business is still in existence and going strong.  I admire the beautiful tattoo work that these artists are laying on these pigs and the pigs seem to be living a good life and are well taken care of.  They are the draw and the key to this business.

In Yang Zhen, Beijing artist Wim Delvoye tattoos hogs.  Large crowds come out to the farm to observe the colorful tattooed pigs.

The pigs are anesthetized during the process and while they are out a total of 3 artists work on the pig to get as much work accomplished as possible.  Delvoye works with 2 co-artists.

Animal rights activists are complaining about the pigs being used for commercial gain at the expense of their suffering.  I thought at first this was a little over the top considering the pigs enjoy a fairly good life while the tourists gawk and stare.  Each pig has a person taking care of their skin and applying daily moisturizer to keep the tattoo in good shape.

THEN I heard about another aspect of the business which is pretty disgusting in my book. Delvoye offers an “adopt a pig” program.  Sounds like a good program until you hear the details.

Sponsors pay to have the pig stuffed so they can display the artwork.  Or you can get their hide to hang on a wall or stretched over canvas so it looks like a painting.  Disgusting.

How can you look at these wonderful friendly and intelligent animals and be thinking about hanging their skin on your wall?  It reminds me of Hitler making lamps shades from skin of concentration camp prisoners. Wim said “Instead of producing art I wanted to harvest it.”

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Tattoo Road Trip March 25, 2011 at 12:03 am

I had 2 pigs at my aunts farm when I was a kid. Interesting creatures.

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