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by Tattoosue on November 20, 2011

If you’re a fan of Paul Booth chances are you’ll like Ryan Gillikin. Gillikin was recently featured on Weird News because of the oddities he collects and displays in his tattoo shop. Gillikin and his wife have owned the shop, Almighty Studios, for ten years and both are fans of body modification. Gillikin has horns and a surgically bifurcated (split) tongue which helps add to the atmosphere he’s going for with his collection.

Some of the items Ryan has on display in his shop include a pickled hand, an original piece of artwork by John Wayne Gacy, and a mummified cat.  Creepy, dark stuff.

Part of his collection will be featured on the show “Oddities” which is shown on the Science Channel.  It’s about a ventriloquist’s dummy that is thought to be possessed.  Dummies, dolls, and clowns – they all freak me out.

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