25 Tattoos That Are Probably a Bad Idea

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by Tattoosue on April 25, 2010

Todays Post is by Guest Blogger Todd from http://newlookhouston.com/blog/ Sometimes the decision is made in drunken haze and sometimes it comes in the clear light of day. No matter how lucid the individual is at the time of the act, some tattoos are just not a great idea. Oh I know it SEEMS like one at the time, it always does, but these 25 tattoos were destined for laser tattoo removal from the moment the needle was dipped in ink…

  • “Mom” Tattoos – Trust me she would have preferred a Gift Certificate to the Cracker Barrel.
  • Cartoon Characters –Someday that stretched-out, mutated Tweetie Bird will ruin Loony Toons for your kid.
  • Naked People – I don’t care how artsy you think you are…it’s porn.
  • Tramp Stamps – Whether it’s a butterfly, a Rose or a bulls-eye a lower back tattoo says “I really ought to pull up my pants in public”
  • Side of the Neck Tattoos- You may have been man enough to handle the pain, are you man enough to handle the “douche bag” stereotype?
  • Chinese/Japanese  Symbols How much do you trust your tattoo artist’s linguistic skills? The tattoo you THINK says “Strength” probably actually means “Cabbage”.
  • Belly Button Tattoos – skin elasticity fades away with time…but that ink won’t. A tight ring of flowers will be a hula hoop after baby #1
  • A Lover’s Name – A bad break up can leave you wishing they’d left you with herpes instead.
  • Boob Tattoos – sooner or later those things are gonna shrivel like raisins… and so’s your artwork.
  • Butterflies– of all the possible things to permanently mark yourself with, you choose a bug. You know those things were worms before they got wings right?
  • Portraits- If you’re gonna do a portrait choose some one fat and wrinkled. That’s the only way it will still look normal when you get fat and wrinkled.
  • Those tattoos that make it look like you’re a robot underneath your skin- No one thinks you’re a robot. They think you’re a geek for wanting to be a robot…
  • Prison Tats- Because your criminal record doesn’t make it hard enough to get a job. Nothing says “Don’t Hire Me” like your “Cellies 4 life” tattoo.
  • Gang Symbols for Gangs you aren’t in. – Dude, not only are you begging to get shot, you are more are less resigning yourself to a life lowering fries into hot grease.
  • Racist Tattoos – Just in case this isn’t self explanatory… at some point someone bigger than you WILL be offended and WILL kick your ass.
  • Self- Portraits – A physical incarnation of your super-sized ego hooray!
  • A Sleeve Tattoo of a Sleeve – Seriously man, just buy a freaking shirt.
  • Video Game Characters – A great way to broadcast to women that you are single and most likely live with your mother.
  • Biker Tats-As if your handlebar mustache didn’t say it all…
  • Hot Chicks- setting unrealistic goals for yourself since 1960.
  • Drugs/alcohol tattoos- A great way to tell the world you have an addiction problem. I guess somebody DID want to be a junkie when they grew up.
  • Your Own Name- is that in case you forget it? Check your underwear, your mom probably wrote it in for you.
  • Pirate Tattoos – yo, ho ho and a barrel of Dumbass
  • Genital Tattoos – Why do you hate yourself? Save your money and invest in therapy.
  • Skull and Cross Bones – I had my doubts, but that tattoo clearly states that you are in fact a bad-ass…or a hazardous substance…I’m not sure which.
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Micelle May 30, 2010 at 7:31 pm

And is there any tattoo that you approve of??

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