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by on Sep.11, 2010, under News

by Tattoosue on September 11, 2010

Every once in awhile you hear a story that gives you quite the chuckle and at the same time makes you thankful you never made such a bad move when you were a teen. A teenager from Helena Montana inadvertently sent a text to who he thought was a dealer friend of his looking for a $20 bag. He and a couple of his friends were looking to score a small bag of weed.

By accident, the teen sent the text to a local sheriff.  At first the sheriff thought someone was pulling his leg but eventually realized it was the real deal – no pun intended.  So he played along and pretended he was the friend and set up to meet the teen to sell him a bag.  The sheriff arranged for a detective to act as the dealer and set up the meeting.  When the undercover detective finally busted the kids and flipped out his shiny badge, the teens freaked out so much one of the poor kids fainted.  Not too bad an ending for the kids – the sheriff decided not to issue any citations after the parents were called in.  He felt that facing the wrath of their parents was sufficient punishment for the crime.

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