Vampire Bites

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by Tattoosue on July 15, 2010

There’s a new trend currently popular with young teenagers primarily middle school kids which is freaking out their parents.  The popularity of the “Twilight” books and movie along with the HBO series “True Blood” has been given the reasons for this new fad.  Young teenagers are now actually biting their friends on the neck to make a statement about their friendship or love for that person.  They bite hard enough to leave tissue damage and some heavy bruising.  Then they are documenting the act with pictures on their Facebook profile. Experts say this is wrong on a few levels.  We all know how germ filled our mouths are supposed to be.  Human bites can be worse than animal bites and there’s a chance of infection.    Experts also say biting can be a form of physical and emotional abuse. I don’t agree that this is the case here.   The ones being bitten probably feel they are part of the popular group of kids at their school.  Speaking from my own experience with raising my kids, my advice to parents is to just ignore it.  If you make a big deal about it, your kids will just do it more.  They just won’t be so open about letting the world knows.  Put yourself in their shoes – if your parental units told you to cease and desist would you?  Or would you just be better at hiding it from them?  The tattoo was done by Russ Abbott of Dagger Tattoo Parlour in Atlanta.

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