Here Comes Super Snake

by on Jan.17, 2010, under News

by Tattoosue on January 17, 2010

Snake TattooI was thinking of moving to the Florida area in a couple of years but I’m weighing the pros and cons. The super snake that is becoming a concern in the Everglades has me thinking even more. State environmental officials have a concern about the strong population of Burmese pythons. So the state conducted a 3 day hunt for these snakes and they ended up catching 5 African rock pythons including a 14 foot long female python. That alone would scare the poop out of me but – there’s more. The big worry for state officials is that these two pythons will breed which could lead to a “super snake” cross species. The Burmese python is mean and nasty and has been known to eat small children. It happened in Africa but you get the picture. There are 1000’s of these snakes in Florida – people lost their exotic pets or set them free, got loose in a hurricane – all sorts of reasons and without a natural predator the snakes are thriving. Sounds like a horror movie to me.

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