The Story of the Ripped Off Nipple

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by Tattoosue on July 8, 2011

Pulling on NippleThis story isn’t tattoo related – but it was too precious not to share with you. Happy Friday!

Here from my home state comes a very bizarre news story about a dysfunctional family.  I know all families are dysfunctional but some are so much worse than others. Sometimes these family units bring their bizarre behavior to the attention of the law. Those are always the best. Just makes you just shake your head in wonder.

This woman TWISTED OFF her daughter-in-law’s nipple!  The only excuse was everyone involved was drinking heavily.  (Alcohol involved – imagine that)  I would hope to be under the influence of some mind altering substance before going through that kind of pain. Can you say “Ouch”!!!?

Beyond the drinking there were no other details shared.  Why was the nipple out in the first place?  Did it get sewed back on?  All that was mentioned is she couldn’t breast feed on that side any more.  Was she breast feeding at the time?  There were kids there? What about these poor kids being raised by this family?

The case is just wrapping up in court.  The mother-in-law pleaded guilty and received a sentence of supervised probation. The Deputy District Attorney was quoted as saying “Although she is upset about having her nipple ripped off…. It’s still family.  She (with the ripped off nipple) didn’t want her husband’s mom to go to prison.  She helps out with the child care and everything.”

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