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by on Nov.07, 2010, under News

by Tattoosue on November 7, 2010

Fishing TattooLately I’ve been paying more attention to what I’m eating and the ingredients to be found in what I’m eating.  I’ve also been paying more attention to the cruelty we inflict on farm animals to produce the cheapest piece of meat for the buck.  It seems even when the government have so called inspections, fines are levied but the production continues.  What’s the point?

So, now we’re delving into genetically altered foods. Late last month the Food and Drug Administration started the decision process on whether to allow a Massachusetts company to sell a genetically engineered version of Atlantic salmon.   This fish  grows twice as fast and, as far as anyone can tell, is safe to eat.  The point that I really don’t like is that if this is approved, these fish will be sold right alongside “normal”  salmon at your grocery store.  No special labeling required.  It’s been nicknamed “Frankenfish” after a 2004 creature horror movie dealing with genetically engineered fish in the bayou.  The way we mess with our environment and now our food and water supply makes me feel like we are on a crash course with disaster.

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