Friends Set His Leg on Fire

by on Jul.12, 2010, under News

by Tattoosue on July 12, 2010

Tattoo (notice the shoes)Yes, that’s not a mistake.  A bunch of friends decided to just hang out and drink all afternoon. To make the day interesting, they made a bet amongst themselves.  Whoever had the least alcohol consumed over the afternoon would be set on fire by the more highly inebriated friends. Doesn’t this sound like the type of bet that would be made after you’ve been drinking for a couple of hours? No, this was settled beforehand.  The loser of the bet was a 47 year old male with a prosthetic leg. The one legged man drank the least at only 6 beers.  Being a good sport he let them start him on fire.  With only six beers in him, you’d think he’d be still sober enough to realize this wasn’t a great idea.  But no, that wasn’t the case. The fire spread from his prosthetic to his body, burning his back and buttocks.  He was forced to strip his clothes off to prevent further injuries.  His friends decided he needed a hospital.  Before they reached the hospital, they started getting nervous about the consequences they may have to face once they got there.  So being the caring buddies that they were, they left their friend off on the side of the highway.  Sheriff’s deputies found him naked on the side of the road – with his leg in flames. All the while I’m reading this news story.  And I had to do it multiple times.  Because I thought – really?  These were his friends????

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