Gun Mom Shot

by on Oct.13, 2009, under Movies & TV & Video, News

by Tattoosue on October 13, 2009

Gun TattooThe irony. A mom who made news for bringing a hand gun to her kids soccer game became a voice of the gun-rights movement Her and her husband were having marital problems recently. Her husband, a parole officer, and the owner of his own gun flipped out last week. While his wife, Meleanie Hain, was online chatting, her husband came up and shot her multiple times. He then went upstairs and killed himself. Meanwhile, her loaded gun was hanging by the front door. This whole scenario is more than scary since the couple had 3 young children in the house – ages 2, 6, and 10 years old. Sad that these 3 kids are exposed to all this violence. What was also shocking was the exposure to guns that these kids lived with. A loaded gun hanging by the door? These kids are young and curious. It’s amazing the story wasn’t more like -” Kid shoot Mom accidently after playing with loaded gun”.

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